Welcome to Nagasaki Atomic History and the Present (NAHP)

Nuclear weapons are an undeniable reality of our times. We seek to have US students be able to imagine and realize what the effects of a nuclear weapon are/were/would be on people. First, we introduce the physical effects of the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Then, we encourage students to engage with the human experience of the atomic bombing and its after­effects through the personal stories of atomic bombing survivors (hibakusha). Last, we encourage students to consider what might happen if their hometowns were attacked with a nuclear weapon through explanatory videos and the NUKEMAP simulator.
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    If you are interested in seeing what a nuclear weapon detonation would look like in your hometown, try out NUKEMAP. 

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    If your students have access to computers or tablets, you can have them independently go through the "Topics" section. There are questions on each page of the section which you can use as graded material. 

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