Acknowledgements and Credits

A big thank you to Colgate University.

Financial, intellectual, logistical, and all other support for the "Nagasaki Atomic History and the Present" (copyright Aleksandr Sklyar, Georgia Butcher, and Benjamin Kelsey) comes from:
"Nagasaki and the Atomic Bombing Project"
Karen Harpp, Georgia Butcher, Benjamin Kelsey
Summer Research in Peace and Conflict Studies 2016

Peace and Conflict Studies Department, Colgate University
Colgate University Summer Research Grants
University Studies

Original Nagasaki footage collected as part of the:
"Nagasaki-America Peace Project"
Aleksandr Sklyar, Carolina van der Mensbrugghe
Kathryn W. Davis Projects for Peace 2010


In Memoriam

George Hudson, Professor of English, Colgate University. Born November 21, 1937. Deceased November 16, 2013, at age 75.

Masahito Hirose, Atomic Bombing Survivor, English Teacher, and Storyteller. Born March 6, 1930. Deceased January 13, 2016, at age 85.

Hiroshi Matsuzoe, Atomic Bombing Survivor, Painter, and Storyteller. Deceased April 13, 2014, at age 83.


List of Special Thanks

Karen Harpp

Sarah Kunze

Zlatko Grozl

Jason Kammerdiener

David Terrazas for answering and solving every question ever about WordPress

Rich Grant for being a master of video conferencing

Debbie Krahmer

Matt Smith

Daniel Monk

Lili Monk

Allison Zengilowski for teaching us how to teach and for our excellent survey

Patti and Heidi for coffee, food, and good company

Liam Emmart for Buddy the Transcript Converter

Stephanie Madden for reviewing the site

Sarah McGuire for reviewing the site

Christopher Hilton for reviewing the site

Alex Wellerstein

Dan Bouk for opening the door to the Alumni Hall PCON Video Conference Room for us

Yukari Hirata

KI, NS, and RY for introductions to fantastic transcription volunteers

University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies for sending out our call for volunteers

Colgate Communications

Colgate ITS


Japanese Transcription Volunteers


Izumi Hasegawa






Masaharu Doshita

村瀧 康子




Japanese-English Translation


Hitomi Katsumi(勝見仁美)

Nicholas Iwata

Megumi Fujiwara

Tomomi Daigo

Nana H

Taeko Hamamoto

Aleksandr Sklyar