NUKEMAP Activity

Now that you've had a "how to" with NUKEMAP, it's time to apply it to an area you know. For this activity choose an area you know well. It can be your hometown, school, or another place you know. Think about a few people or places you know in the area and keep them in mind.

The bombs you will be using, but are not limited to, are:

  • Fat Man, used in Nagasaki
  • Little Boy, used in Hiroshima
  • Castle Bravo, tested by the US in the Marshall Islands
  • W-39, a bomb that was almost accidentally detonated in the US
  • W-76, which is common in the US arsenal
  • Two other bombs tested or in the arsenal of countries other than the US

Questions to think about during the exercise:

  • What happens to area you are in?
  • What happens to other landmarks you're familiar with?
  • How far away would you have to be from the hypocenter to not receive any burns?
  • Based on the stories of survivors, what would be going on in various radii around the bomb?
  • How far away from your starting point would you have to go to get medical treatment, if you survived the blast? How busy do those streets normally get? Do you think the hospital would run out of supplies?